What does God really want from you?

Look across the landscape of Christianity and you'll find everything from religious zealots, performers, good boys & girls, rule-keepers, to passive "what-else-can-I-get-from-God" church attenders.

Somehow we have this sneaky suspicion that while Jesus was on the receiving end of a sadistic, methodical, brutal death, he wasn't contemplating an ambitious career move of carrying around a clipboard, cracking a circus whip, nor was he, in his final breath, bellowing out, "Now they can have the car they always wanted." We're at the very least mistaken if we haven't totally made a mockery out of everything.

Put a mirror under your Christian nose, and be honest: "Are you alive or are you thriving? Is the life you're living really all God had in mind?"

God's ultimate desire was to bring us into an encounter with him, leaving a permanent mark on our hearts so that we would become changed people who, in turn, change the world.

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